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Story : Mia’s new life (from Master)

Updated: May 20, 2021

With a blank expression on her face, Mia polishes the glass of the living room window with a rag. Her mind too absorbed by the exciting ramblings of her brain, she doesn't notice that the glass is already sparkling. A form of coquetry prompted her to put on a vinyl dress for weekly housework. The ringing of the doorbell suddenly pulls the dreamer out of her thoughts. The click of a heel hammering the tiled floor in the hall prompts her to hurry.

Mia already knows the identity of her visitor and she doesn't want to keep her waiting. As she opens the door, the young woman's face takes on a strange expression. Her half-open jaw reveals her wonder at this enchanting vision.

Her gaze goes first to the elegant boots with the tapered heels. Going up, her eyes discover a sublime leather dress matched with long black gloves. Without waiting to be invited, the woman crosses the threshold of the apartment and goes to the living room. A moment disconcerted with this assurance, Mia finally closes the door.

- I'll have a fresh Spritz, exclaims the visitor. You can get yourself a drink too.

The authority with which her friend speaks has always baffled Mia. Each of her sentences takes on the appearance of an order to which it is forbidden to say no. Realizing her power over others, the woman chose the name Reina. The natural authority of this Queen has always fascinated Mia. As a caring host, she arranges refreshments and a plate of cookies on the coffee table facing her guest.

Reina tastes the drink and puts down her glass. Legs crossed, his left foot begins to rotate slowly. Like a captivating dance, the tip of the boot describes regular circles. The movement catches the attention of Mia who cannot take her eyes off the spectacle.

- You like my boots very much, Reina laughs.

The Queen's smirk makes the young woman uneasy.

- Yes… yes they are very beautiful, mumbles Mia.

- It's a present, it's Italian boots. I've had them for years. I have worn them so much that the smell of my feet has almost completely replaced the smell of leather.

The remark accentuates Mia's embarrassment. Her cheeks blush sharply as her friend's gaze intensifies. Finding no suitable response, she grabs her glass and takes a deep sip of alcohol.

- It seems some people like to smell worn boots, Reina continues. Isn't that strange ? Can you imagine sticking your nose into my boots to sniff them ?

Mia almost chokes on the liquid in her throat after the hint. Totally upset, she struggles to find a suitable answer.

- Yes it's ... it's strange.

- But I guess it must depend on who owns the boots. I imagine the smell of my feet might be pleasant to a fetishist.

- Yes, it's a very pleasant smell. Finally I imagine.

Reina interrupts the movement of her foot. Her gaze becomes more piercing. Eyes on Mia, her tone becomes more serious.

- And you ? Is it something you would like ?

- No… oh no not at all. I said it like that.

- As you wish. You don't know what you're missing !

The queen's sentence is punctuated by a long laugh. Mia, unaware if the proposal was serious, displays a forced smile. Despite her embarrassment, the curiosity is too strong and she can't help but try to learn more.

- You already did it ? I mean, make someone smell your boots.

Reina runs a hand along her boot.

Her fingers caress the leather while her eyes analyze each of the young woman's movements. Adopting the posture of a hunting tigress, she runs her tongue against her canines.

- Who knows. Would that shock you ?

- No no not at all. If you were with someone willing, you can do whatever you want.

- I'm not forcing anyone. Although in some cases it is my will that matters. You know what I mean ?

The words confuse Mia who frowns. Still uneasy, however, she is keen to learn more.

- A lot of people set up barriers, explains Reina. Morality, social conventions, fear are limits that prevent them from finding their way. I have a gift for knowing what people want and sometimes I break down these barriers to reveal their true nature.

Mia feels a growing pressure in the pit of her stomach as Reina points her boot in her direction.

- I know exactly what you are thinking right now. I know what you dream of doing and I also know what's stopping you from doing it.

- No, not at all... It's not my type to do that kind of thing.

- To do what ? I haven't told you what's on my mind so why be so scared ?

The Queen moves slowly on the sofa until she is a few inches from her interlocutor. From her place, she can feel Mia's heart pounding in her chest. Without ever losing eye contact, she grabs the young woman's hand very gently.

- Would you mind helping me take off my boots ? I have walked a lot and my feet are very hot in this leather case.

Reina's soft and suave voice becomes a bewitching trap that is impossible to resist.

The service requested, almost harmless, takes on a strong symbolism in Mia's mind. With shaking hands, she grabs the left boot and pulls gently.

Once the foot is released, a sweet scent reaches Mia's nose. A thrill of pleasure then runs through her whole body. The goosebumps on his arm don't escape Reina's keen eye.

- Wait a bit before putting the boot back on. Take the opportunity to observe the quality.

Again, the suggestion becomes an irresistible commandment. As Mia's hand slides along the leather, her arousal increases. Gradually, her mind clouded over until it was locked in a fog, in the midst of which her thoughts became confused. Only Reina's voice reaches her brain with clarity.

- What if you took the opportunity to smell them. Just to satisfy your curiosity.

As if dissociated from her body, Mia sees her hand move automatically. Like a magnet, the boot comes closer to her nose. As she takes a deep breath, an intense wave of pleasure overwhelms her. The smell plunges her into a trance-like state. Time is distorted and reality becomes more and more abstract. The queen reveled in the spectacle in front of her. The young woman's gesture appears to be the first act of a profound transformation.


Weeks have passed since the event without Reina talking about what happened. With undisguised pleasure, she contented herself with a few hints. As she expected, Mia's attitude towards her changed. Although she does not dare to admit it, the experience has opened deep within her the door of desires that she cannot keep silent. The will to serve this Queen has become evident. While an inner voice implores her to speak out, her too many fears prevent her from taking the plunge. Faced with the doubts of her prey, Reina preferred to opt for patience.

A new visit to Mia's apartment gives her the opportunity to have new experiences. Still wearing her favorite pair of boots, she settles down on the sofa and starts an innocent conversation. Mia, however, is not very attentive to her words. The multiple glances of the young woman on her boots betray her thoughts. The situation pleases the Queen who fully feels the power at her disposal. A few words would be enough for her to subdue her target. By challenge, however, she wants the young woman to surrender by herself. Enslavement must be a gift, an abandonment that cannot be done under duress.

The Queen still intends to give an impetus, enough momentum for Mia to declare herself. The evocation of shopping gives her the perfect opportunity to carry out her plans.

- I saw a gorgeous new pair of boots in a store in town. I'm sure they will look great on me. I think it's time I replaced this old pair.

The mere mention of the word "boot" makes Mia blush. A host of images resurface in her mind along with a wave of pleasure. Her voice trembling, she decides to ask the question that burns her lips.

- And what are you going to do with your old pair ?

The predictable reaction of the young woman fully satisfies Reina.

- I don't know yet, I imagine they might be useful for someone else. A woman might want to wear them since they are still in good condition.

The opportunity is too good for Mia. A shiver runs down her spine as she imagines this treasure within reach.

- If you sell them, I will buy them with great pleasure. I was just looking for a pair.

- You ? I didn't think that might interest you. I imagine that they will be in good hands and that they will have a second life.

The young woman cannot contain her joy. A big smile appears on her lips. The Queen refuses to give him such an easy victory, however.

- Come to think of it, we don't have the same shoe size. So you're not going to be able to wear them.

With delectation, Reina relishes the change of expression on the face of her interlocutor. The disillusionment is great when she sees the source of her fantasies disappear. Feeling her luck slipping away, Mia searches for an excuse to justify buying these boots. For fear of being laughed at, she cannot admit the real motivation that drives her to want the shoes. Her brain was struggling for inspiration, however, and she had to make up her mind to give up. Reina's playful character pushes her to continue her game.

- Come to think of it, there might be another category of people who might be interested.

- Ah yes ?

Hope is reborn in the young woman who hopes to belong to this group.

- There are fetishists. I'm sure someone who loves smelling a woman's worn boots would be happy to buy them back from me. I could probably sell them for more than I bought them.

Mia feels cornered. Her answer could change her friend's look at her forever. Shyly, she says a few cautious words.

- Yes it is true that you brought up the subject. And do you know any fetishists ?

A smile appears on the Queen's lips. Her gaze fixes her interlocutor as her hands gently caress her boots.

- I have a person in mind but I don't know if she will dare to ask me.

The young woman's cheeks turn scarlet. Her legs are shaking uncontrollably as her brain tries to imagine the consequences if she decides to cross this dangerous border. Reina doesn't say a word. Determined not to disturb this moment of reflection, she patiently awaits a reaction from her target.

- And wouldn't you find it strange that someone would buy your boots back to smell them ? Mia asks.

- I prefer a person to assume her true nature rather than lie to herself.

- But what if...

- That's enough, I don't want any more questions ! I know you dream of holding my boots in your hands, licking the leather and sticking your nose inside to smell the scent of my feet. Now you have to make a choice, you have two options. Either you choose to continue your miserable little life, we will not see each other again and you will be frustrated until the end of your days, or you take the plunge and I will guide you on a path of pleasures that you do not even suspect.

The alternative is clear and the Queen's tone leaves no room for negotiation. As Mia prepares to make her decision, Reina gives a final warning.

- You understand that this is more than a pair of boots. The price of my offer will be your freedom. You will be mine and you will obey me. You will lose all control over your life but I guarantee that it will give you unparalleled happiness.

The young woman takes a deep breath. Her mind is already feeling the control of the Queen over her. There is only one path available to her, a path following Reina's will.

- Yes, I do, Mia answers soberly.

- Then get down on your knees in front of me.

The command provokes a wave of pleasure in Mia. The Queen relishes the sight of this creature offering itself to her.

- By kissing my boot, you will seal your commitment to me. You give up everything to serve me and you become mine.

The tremors in Mia's body stop abruptly. The moment she lands a kiss on her owner's foot, she feels a joy of unparalleled intensity. By her choice, she silenced each of the fears that enslaved her.


Within days, Mia's life changed dramatically. The first change was wearing a thin leather collar. When it was time to hand it over, Reina explained the meaning to him.

- This necklace will be the one and only present that you will receive from me. You will have to wear it at all times. It represents the bond that unites you to me. Only I can take it away from you.

The moment she felt the collar close around her neck, Mia knew she couldn't turn back. From that moment on, she lost all control over her life. Her schedule is entirely managed by her Mistress. A detailed list of each assigned task with the time needed to complete it is communicated to her every evening. Discreet cameras, installed in the four corners of his apartment allow constant monitoring of his work. In a corner of the living room, the young woman had to install an altar on which proudly sits the pair of leather boots. Mia doesn't have time to admire them, however. Organizing her day leaves her little free time.

Suddenly an alarm sounds in the apartment. Mia rushes into the lobby and kneels down. With her head bowed, she patiently awaits the arrival of her Queen. The minutes go by in peace. Two knocks on the door suddenly set the young woman's mind in turmoil. In a well-established ritual, she opens the door, lets Reina in and kiss the tips of each of her feet. Still bent, she says a few words with great deference.

- I present my homage to You divine Mistress. You are radiant and Your presence is a real delight. Thank You for honoring me with Your presence.

- Prepare two cups of tea, we have a guest who should be joining me soon.

Although troubled by this announce, Mia complies. So far, no one had witnessed her submission. As she prepares the tea, she imagines the identity of this visitor. A warning pulls her out of her thoughts, however, and puts her back to work.

- I hope you're not daydreaming. I won't wait for an hour.

The submissive prepares a tray on which she places two cups, a teapot and a plate generously garnished with cakes. When she places it on the coffee table in the living room, two knocks on the door signal the arrival of the mysterious visitor.

- Well what are you waiting for ? Reina asks. Go open. Don't keep our guest waiting.

Mia thinks she faint when she sees the man on the doorstep.

- Tony ? But... but what are you doing here.

Mia's boyfriend, whom she had been careful not to keep at bay for the past few weeks, stands facing her, a large bouquet of flowers in his hands.

- I was invited. Are you sure you are okay ? You are very pale.

Without giving the young woman time to say any other words, he walks into the living room. Reina welcomes him warmly.

- Ah Tony there you are. Please sit down next to me. Are these flowers for me ? What a beautiful attention.

Hearing her Mistress laugh, Mia understands that she has new torments in mind for her. Resignedly, she approaches the sofa where her two guests are waiting.

- Aren't you sitting down ? Tony wonders.

Rules set out in the easement protocol prohibit Mia from doing this without her owner's consent. As if she was frozen, she looks for her Queen.

- Well go ahead Mia, sit down, don't be shy, exclaims Reina, gesturing to a chair in front of her.

The young woman obeys in silence. Her embarrassment intensified when her Mistress addresses her a malicious wink. Luckily, the conversation begins on trivialities. Mia has the hope that no shameful secrets will be discussed. The physical proximity between her owner and her boyfriend, however, makes her uncomfortable. From time to time, the Queen brushes the young man's thigh with her hand.

- When I found out Mia was in a relationship, I wanted to meet you right away, Reina exclaims. I have to admit she has very good taste.

In a form of provocation, the Queen bites her lip while staring at her interlocutor. The young man smiles back at her as a thank you.

- I'm glad Mia has such a lovely friend. I think she has changed a lot in the last few weeks.

- Sometimes you have to submit your loved ones to a form of positive authority.

The remark piques the young man's curiosity. Mia blushes at the mention of the word "submit" and lowers her head.

- What does this "positive authority" consist of ?

- It's just about taking control for the good of the person. It can be constraints on a healthy diet, the practice of a regular sport activity, the maintenance of the home, the way of dressing.

- I have to admit that Mia has come a long way in all of these areas. I am therefore very happy to meet the person responsible for all these changes.

Reina puts her hand on Tony's and strokes it for long seconds.

- It's a real pleasure. I think we'll get along well. I would have liked to know your opinion on Mia's new necklace.

With a sign of the index finger, she orders the young woman to approach.

- Get on your knees so that we can admire it better.

Although the embarrassment overwhelms her, the submissive complies. The scene provokes a wave of pleasure in the Queen and awakens her hunting instincts.

- This necklace is beautiful, Tony admits. It reminds me a bit of a slave collar.

Mia is on the verge of collapse as her owner laughs. A big smile on her lips, Reina approaches the young man.

- And what would you do if it was really a slave collar ?

- Well I think that would change a lot of things.

The Queen walks up to Tony's ear and whispers a few words to him. The next instant, she slips her hands around the young man's face and exchanges a languid kiss with him. To her surprise, the sight of her Queen kissing her boyfriend does not cause Mia to be jealous. Her body shivers with pleasure at the obvious. The cuckolding she attends is an ultimate form of enslavement. Her mind fails to formulate any refusal. The pleasure experienced by her Goddess gives her great satisfaction.

- How about you go get us some condoms ? Reina exclaims. I'm sure you would love to see us make love in front of you.

- Oh yes Mistress.

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