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My Master…

i could talk about Him for hours, days, weeks…
He is handsome, intelligent, with a great sense of humor...

It was with Him that i discovered my true nature.
At the start of Oour relationship, i was very lacking self-confidence...

He helped me through the whole process.
Master's patience was very much needed !

To discover yourself “submissive” and recognizing yourself as “submissive” is a prolonged process. It was a click, a revelation deep within me, that my Master brought to light.
It was only possible because my Master was the right person for me !

He was very attentive and gentle so that i could take each step.


My Master is a Dominant who really enjoys psychological control over me, His slave !
He knows me so well that He has no difficulty imagining very, very strong situations.

My Master has a great passion for leather and vinyl !

He likes to wear these materials and He likes to see others as well.
Today, i am like Him… a great lover of leather and vinyl.
The sound, smell, touch and shine add a lot of elegance and intensity !

Wwe live together... which has left, and still leaves, all the time for my Master to train me to become a good submissive, a good slave.
It's training that evolves over time according to His desires.

My Master trained me in many areas to benefit from them on a daily basis :

  • housework

  • service

  • kitchen

  • easement

  • healthy lifestyle (sport, etc.)


Master molded me so that He could be proud of me and satisfied with my behavior !


​He is my Creator, my Dominant !


Looking at my past, it was a real transformation that He made me experience.

i love Him !
i love serving Him !
i love when He looks at me… He has such an intense, penetrating gaze…



He is the source of a life-changing event in my life :

the relationship with Mistress Reina !

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