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Mistress Reina



It was my Master who discovered Mistress Reina on Twitter.
The destiny was there !
How can you resist the Queen of Leather ?

At first i was very timid ; i was looking at Her photos only. i didn't know it yet but my addiction started there !
Master encouraged me to go further. i liked Her tweets and i started to comment. Oh what a great joy to discover Her answers !!!
i never imagined for a second getting a response from a Lady of the rank of ReinaLeather.

The comments intensified and one day i received a private message !!!

What an immense privilege !!!

What intense joy !!!

These were Oour first exchanges !

i later received my first order : to do specific research for Her and as time passed She added more tasks to the list.
Wwe were still very far from imagining the relationship Wwe have today, a complete fullfilling relationship.

Now Wwe see each other on regular basis and try to have as much as quality time as possible.

Today i am part of her staff as a sexcreatry and my main chores are :

  • editing Her clips and promoting Her clipstore

  • making sure of Her wellbeing and comfort

She wants to improve my sense of fashion and personal look so i can have a good image of myself and project it to the rest.

She works on my outfits, make up and beauty secrets.
Some of the other activities Wwe do together are English practices and dialogues to improve my English and i teach Her to bake.

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