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Boot worship.jpg

My passions

My fetishes


i'm a slave, so my passions are useful for my Owners !


i cook for my Owners. It's essential to satisfy them in all areas. i like to learn and to surpass myself for Them.

Clean boots.jpg

Boot fetish

i love to watch women in boots... my Master has a nice pair for horseback riding : guess who's His horse ? He is so beautiful with !
My Mistress has many pairs of boots. It’s a heavenly sight !
i love to maintain Her pairs and when i can smell and kiss them.

Leather and PVC fetish


i love to wear and touch leather or PVC. My body is enhanced with it. The sound, the smell, the shine... it's beautiful !
My Owners also love leather and PVC. My Mistress is the Queen of Leather, i must be worthy of Her.

Leather coat.jpg
French Maid Bee.jpg

"French maid" role play


i have an outfit for my housework. It's important that the house is kept clean and tidy. A slave must always be in a suitable and perfect outfit. Mistress Reina and Master chose it on purpose for me… i very proud to wear it. It makes cleaning much more pleasant to do and for my Owners to watch.

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