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Mia, it's me !

​i was born a woman a very shy one to be honest but with time, training and love i became a slave girl.

This discovery was gradual, it took some time for my fantasies and those images in my head to take some shape and meaning. The desire has been always in my head, but the most difficult part was to move into practice.

You could agree with me that it is not easy to admit at the beginning the desire to submit and even more difficult to find the right person to make them real.


i was lucky to have a guide, someone who walked with me step by step in this very marvelous world.
In my case it started with games, situations which intensified with the added pleasure and one day i realized it was my life.


It was a free and deep choice which i enjoy every day, try to be better at it and which i will never regret.


A slave life !

i live a slave life 24h/24 7d/7.
i live with my Master and i serve my Mistress (from a distance) every day.
For me a slave life means to live your daily life differently it is full of small rituals and be always with a serving attitude.
It is exciting to know that i can become the object of entertainment and pleasure for my Owners at any time.
i can have some freedom but the limits are set by my Owners : having constraints around the house, choosing my outfit, going to the restroom, and deciding my diet.
In addition i must also train my body to always be up to the requirements and orders of my Master and my Mistress.



My Mistress and my Master guide me every day to become a better slave.

A Dominant always knows what is good for the slave who offered himself to Him or Her.

My Owners :

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