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My neighbour

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Mistress Reina is taking absolute control of my life. i was able to experience it recently with the meeting of a neighbour and it was a very big surprise for me !

Mistress Reina had organized everything in secret.

i received a first message from Mistress Reina with :

- a day

- an hour

- and an outfit

It was very mysterious and unsettling !

When the day came, i received other messages with specific instructions. The most surprising was the installation of a camera in the living room.

An hour before the date, i got ready without asking any questions. i was more and more stressed.

1 min before the appointment time, i got this message :

"He arrives, you open him when he rings"

You can imagine my emotions !!!

For the rest of this story, i invite you to discover it directly by purchasing the video on one of Mistress Reina's shops.

Here is the preview of this video :

It was a very intense moment for me. i’m my Queen's toy, She can do whatever She wants with me… i’m totally Hers.

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Aug 01, 2023

Quel magnifique moment 😍


Jul 28, 2021

I only do this to improve your social skills and for My own fun ,of course.

Good slutty slave .


your Queen

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